There is a first time for everything, no matter how hard you try resist. Chance The Rapper, the Chicago emcee that set the internet ablaze with his genre fusing, introspective, wildly ambitious mixtape, Acid Rap, lends his talents to a Canadian Pop Star. No that isn’t a slight dig at Drake, it was actually a reference to teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber. The tow have paired up for the singers latest entry into his #MusicMondays series, a brand new single, entitled “Confident”.

It features a pretty solid beat, which will force your body to move no matter how hard you try to resist, and an addictive melody that will instantly find your way into your head. Chance fully utilizes this opportunity, definitely showing Belibers what he is capable of doing with a microphone. Even though this a pop track, he doesn’t take it easy on listeners, unleashing a barrage of intricate wordplay and double entendres galore. Definitely a surprising verse, but one that is greatly appreciated.

If you want to check out the track, you can just head over here.

It is only available on XBOX music right now, but when the youtube link appears, we will quickly post it here.

Jimi (@Nativejimi)