Westfield / eBay event


Remember sitting the living room on a Saturday morning excited about the Jetson’s cartoon coming on television. Well, if you’re too young to remember they had the highest technology, flying cars and took the words instant gratification up maximum levels. Bringing those same ideas into the future, just like the Jetson’s were able to shop on touch screen vending machines for clothing, cars and food without a human cashier we’re almost there now too.


Luxury brand and your favorite “It” girl handbag designer, Rebecca Minkoff has taken her physical retail store to a window shopping storefront. As a shopper you can now go right up to the touch screen select what you want and pay via paypal. It works as a physical e-commerce that operates through eBay. You then receive a same day deliver so you will not have to worry about carrying large bags through the mall. So far in addition to Rebecca Minkoff you can find Toms, Sony and Kate Spade. Check out the first of what is to come at the Westfield San Francisco Centre Mall from now until January 12. This may be the new wave for holiday shopping!

-Tatiana (@TatianaTot)