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Sean PaulSean Paul has been a staple for making smash hits in the music industry for quite some time now. He’s ready to bring the heat back in 2014 with his 6th album “Full Frequency,” due out in February. He’s already released some monster singles including his latest “Want Dem All”.

Collaborations from the album include Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, Juicy J, Damien “Jr. Gong” Marley, Iggy Azalea and more. We recently sat down with Sean Paul to discuss his new album and the direction his music is going.

How did your new single come together?


Sean Paul: I’ve been working with Benny Blanco a few years and I’ve been trying to get different producers from different genres to produce Dance hall from their prospective. That’s really how this rhythm came about. We were in the studio, we just had done a pop version of dance hall, which was a song called “Other Side Of Love”. That was January; it was the day after the Grammys. I basically free styled over the track because I liked it. A couple months later, I got Konshens on it. It was like a record revisited, but it was really hot from the beginning. It was a very, very energetic project.

What made you decide to release “Other Side Of Love” first and “Want Dem All” second?

SP: You know, just as I said, it’s an energy track, full of energy. High paced type of thing. Back to the day one with me, stuff that people may have missed from me. And that’s what it sounded like to me.

Is there a video coming for “Want Dem All”?

SP: We are going to shoot it in the next five days. Hopefully we release it in the first week of December. It’s definitely dropping in December though.

Can you tell us the story behind the collaboration with Iggy Azalea?

SP: Yeah, I went to Atlanta and wanted to work with some Hip Hop people. I had not done work in the Hip Hop arena since doing work with the Clipse, I was on Jay-Z’s album, I did stuff with Busta Rhymes. I was kind of missing being involved in the genre. I went to Atlanta to work with some peeps, I did a single called “Entertainment 2.0” with Nicki, 2 Chainz, and Juicy J. Just from there, doing work like that, kinda put out the word to other producers. Polow da Don was someone who over the years I had wanted to work with and when I put the word out, he was like, “Hey, I’ve wanted to work with you, too.” It was a symbiotic thing. When we finally got into the studio, I only did half of the song, and I was like I don’t want to go no more in it, I like someone else should be in it. We searched for the person, we went through quite a few different rappers. Actually, this song came through right at the last minute before the album was supposed to be finished and sealed up. She heard the record, and liked it, and just went in. So big up to her, and thanks to her for her great ears. She heard the greatness of it.

What’s the standout record we haven’t heard off the album?

SP: There’s so much on the album. I called it “Full Frequency” because it’s got so many different sounds on it. There’s some dance hall music, some dance hall oriented type hip hop things going on, there’s trap music on there, there’s also latin flavor, there’s a song called “Pornstar” which reflects a Reggaeton type of vibe. Also, Prince Royce is on the album, so that’s another latino connection. There’s just so many different tracks, it’s hard to pick one standout. I can tell you that Toby Gad surprised me. I met the dude and said, what kind of music is this dude going to give me. I never really knew of his projects before, I knew he wrote songs for and with Beyonce and a lot of divas in the business, so I was kind of wondering what we were going to do. There’s a song called “Hey Baby” which just surprised me and it surprised other people too when they hear it. Its hip hop oriented and has a good flow, nice melody on it.

So Toby Gad was the one producer who surprised you the most with his work on your album?

Sean Paul MusicSP: Exactly. He was very surprising to me. He just doesn’t look like a guy that could produce hip-hop and dance hall. His brother is in a band named Enigma from a while back and those music’s aren’t related to me. Especially the pop stuff that I’ve heard him do before, they’re just not related. So he did surprise me. We actually did five tracks and there’s some stuff we held back for a later release, but the two tracks that ended up on the album are just very urban and dance hall and hip hop sounding. So he did surprise me, a lot.

I can speak about my production too. I surprise myself with it all the time. The song is called “Take It Low”, track number nine on the album. I’ve been trying to blend dance hall music with what’s popular right now. Dance hall music was popular globally and everybody has certain flavors. A lot of people have done certain flavors of dance hall, but basically it’s been so many years and there’s more things to listen to now. There’s trap music, techno is back, and I wanted to blend stuff with that. I think this rhythm that I did, is a great blend of what dance hall is and what dance is.

What was the overall message or theme you are trying to get across with “Full Frequency”?

SP: Mostly, my message in music is just to party and get with the ladies. I think that music should reflect life and it should also pay attention to certain things such as entertainment. That’s kind of where I come from. When I got popular in music, that’s when I could send a message in other places. That’s what I do with my Twitter and my Instagram. I don’t think that you should just be trying to do what everyone else is doing. Just because someone’s being conscious right now, it’s not like let me go and do that. I think that I’m a conscious person, but it doesn’t always come out in my music. What my music is about and what my message is about is to have fun before your life is over.

What are you doing to close out 2013?

SP: I’m shooting the video for “Want Dem All”. We got a video for “Riot” which is a song with Damien “Jr. Gong” Marley. That’s already done and is about to come out, too. Just those two videos, doing promo until the year-ends and the album comes out.

You can pre-order “Full Frequency” here.

-Joe Money  (@RealJoeMoney)