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the BX’s newest addition to their lyrical legacy

Tucked away in the Parkchester section of the Bronx, a 18 year old phenom has been honing his mic skills for the last 13 years and now in 2013, Young Lye is ready to bring his BX-pertise on the microphone to the rest of the world.

His latest effort, “Drop It 2 Da Floor”, is a party anthem fueled by Lye breathing over a “hip-pop”, club friendly track that has almost hit the 200K views on YouTube, just as he did with his follow up, “Jordan”, which just surpassed the 100K mark. The young wordsmith is making his intro into the industry with his Stack Too Large mixtape series, which can be found on, however, he elbowed his way in with his guest appearance on a Coast2Coast mixtape hosted by the legendary DJ Premier. According to the lyrical prodigy, some of his first words were rhymes.
“I been rapping since I was 5 years old”, says Lye. “I was doing culture rap and all that at first, then I excelled and started doing my own thing. Is wasn’t until about 3 or 4 years ago, I really started doing shows, getting on radio stations, and getting write ups.”

Lye has seen the worst that the streets has to offer and chooses to takes his frustrations out in the booth. At the tender age of a teenager, Lye has seen two of his siblings lose their lives in the streets and it serves as motivation for his fire. “Growing up, I seen a lot of shit that kids my age didn’t see, feel me? I just put everything that I’ve been through and just put it in my music. Some people can relate to it and some people can’t.” When you ask the general of the STL Empire what will he do if he doesn’t make it in the game and his answer is simple; “That’s not an option. I gotta make it.”


-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)