Jones pushed to the limit in title defense

Throughout Jon Jones’ career he has become accustomed to dominating his opponents in the octagon. Last night at UFC 165 was the complete opposite of how Jones’ career has been. Alexander Gustafsson had pushed Jones to the limit as he left the arena on a stretcher and went to the hospital following his title defense via unanimous decision.

When the fight didn’t come easy Jones dug deep to defend his title like a true champion. Obviously both men would be sporting some battle scars because it is a UFC fight but this classic left both men pretty banged up after the fight.

With many people calling this the fight of the year don’t be surprised to see a rematch of Jones and Gustafsson in the future. Dana White had this to say following the fight, “Who doesn’t want to see this rematch? This is one of those fights tonight that makes you remember why your’e a fight fan. I love being a part of things like this.”

– John McAuliffe (@John_Mac310)