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boardwalk-empire_20130807_101235The cast of HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” attended the series’ premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater. The show’s fourth season began on Sunday. 

Terence Winter

Where did you get the original idea?

It was based on a book by Nelson Johnson that HBO had given me and the book is essentially the history of Atlantic City and they told me to read it and see if there’s a TV series in there. There was a chapter on the prohibition years with this guy Nucky and once I read that I knew that was the year, that was the season, and that’s the series right there.


What’s the highlight of working on the show?

Well first, getting to work with Martin Scorsese and this incredible cast and crew and just the idea that we get to work in New York City. I mean there are highlights one after the other. It’s just been a blessing from start to finish.

What should we expect this season?

This is season 4 and the year is 1924. The jazz age is in full swing and Nucky has made good on his promise and got a nightclub on the boardwalk called the Onyx Club, sort of based on the Cotton Club in New York City. Great of production numbers and new cast members, a lot of action and we spend some time with Al Capone with his family in Illinois.

Wrenn Schmidt plays Julia Sagorsky. 

What has been the highlight of being on the show?

Well, when I think about it – it’s kind of everything. I mean there’s nothing not to look forward to when you work on “Boardwalk Empire,” and HBO, Terence Winter and all the people that make the show great. As an actor, it’s kind of a dream because you get to work with the best writing, actors – the most amazing actors there are out there. I feel like I look forward to everything when I work on the show.

What should we expect this season?

I actually don’t know that much about the season because my storyline is very much linked to what’s going to happen with Tommy. That’s the storyline I kind of know, but as far as what happens with Capone or Nucky or them, I’m just as much in the dark about that as you guys are. Super excited to see what happens.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

I have a film that’s supposed to shoot in October, I haven’t been given a go date on that but it’s called “Preservation” and it’s going to be directed by Christopher Denham who’s an actor, a director and a screenwriter and so far Pablo Schreiber is supposed to be in the film and Aaron Staton.

What’s it like to work such a great cast?

I feel like it’s kind of a luxury because you know them and everyone’s working together and everyone’s supporting each other and I think the only thing that can make the show as good as it is, is what everyone brings to it – whether you’re an actor or a boom operator, it really is all of those people bringing all of their special talents to the table and I don’t know if there’s a better team out there.

If you were born in another time period, what would it be and why?

There’s a part of me that wants to say when Rome was at it’s height, although I don’t think I can handle the gore. I’d also think the height of the industrial revolution because I’d like to say “Oh my God, what’s that? It’s a train,” or “it’s a car.” I actually get very excited about driving the cars on the show. That’s my favorite. I would say the 1920s too – like if you were in it, you were in it, there’s so much going on.

Domenick Lombardozzi plays Ralph Capone. 

What has been the highlight of being on the show?

Just being part of the show – getting to work with Steve and Michael Shannon, Terry Winter’s work, just working with the talents of the show. I’ve been a fan of the show for three seasons, so just coming on the show is great.

What should we expect on this next season?

Expect new storylines and a couple of different characters. It’s the year 1924 and I’m part of the Chicago storyline with Al, I play Al’s brother and the rest you have to see.

If you were born in another time period, what would it be and why?

I’ve always liked the 50s because things seemed a little simpler then, in some ways. I like movies that take place in the 50s; I like the cars of the 50s.

Anthony Laciura plays Eddie Kessler.

What’s the highlight of working on the show?

The highlight of working on the show is working on the show. I’ve been able to work with such great actors from the beginning and great actors coming in constantly. It’s a thrill to recite what Terry and the other writers write and feel comfortable with what the directors tell you to do. But most of all, to work with Steve Buscemi every day. I learned a lot from him and as an older actor, I’ve learned from the younger ones as well. I just hope they learned something from me.

What should we expect for this season?

It’s really hot, all the things are exciting. It’s a lot of the same, but we’re pushing the envelope a little bit forward.

Did you base your performance on anyone?

No, just the turn of the century type of Austrian that has a little bit of humor.

Any cool upcoming projects?

I have a five week course called Acting for Singers, where we interpret the body into the vocal line. That’s coming up in October and I also have a whole bunch of auditions.

If you were born in another century, what would it be?

It would be in the 20s, I just feel very comfortable in that time.

Paul Sparks plays Mickey Doyle.

What’s it like working on the show?

It’s the people who you work with. It’s the people that I admire from growing up and have admired for a long time and you’re always working with a pro, which is exciting.

What’s it like working with such a great cast?

You feel very lucky. There’s so many jobs where you go in and there’s not a big cast that loves each other, but we love each other, so it’s great.

What should we expect this season?

Well I don’t think it’s the same because of so many new characters that are coming, but like before, we’re still getting gangsters and there will still be all that traveling following the gangsters. It’s interesting since Nucky sort of receded out of the spotlight and you just have to sit back and watch it.

If you were born in another time period what would it be?

I’m more of a King Arthur time period.

Any upcoming projects?

I’ll probably be working on a Jeff Nichols’  new movie and I have a film that just went out called “Sparrows Dance” that won a couple of festivals.

Ron Livingston plays Roy Phillips.

What’s the highlight of working on the show?

I think the highlight is getting invited to this party and seeing the episode a week before everyone else. Gretchen Mol is lovely; Terence Winter is at the top of his game. The material is a joy to do and all the technical aspects – the design, clothes, hair – it’s a joy to be part of. I just come to work and everything’s well done so you don’t always get to have that kind of experience. Sometimes you’re trying to fix up an old car that shouldn’t be on the road, but this is a magnificent vehicle and it’s a pleasure to jump on the ride.

What’s it like working with such a great cast?

It’s fantastic and I really look forward to seeing it on the screen because I’ve been doing this long enough that that’s how it feels like to you on a day that you’re doing it, but the real heart and soul of the show is what happens when it gets up on the screen. It happens between the screen and the audience’s eyes. I’m looking forward to it this week and next week.

What should we expect?

I think all the chips are falling in the middle and it’s going to be fun seeing it sorted out.

Eric Ladin plays J. Edgar Hoover.

What’s the highlight of working on the show?

Well, I was a fan of the show and it’s always great to be working on something that you started out as a fan of. It’s really great to be on the show.

What should we expect?

I don’t want to sound redundant, but more of the same. There’s a ton of new characters that are fantastically played by new actors.

How did you base your character on J. Edgar Hoover?

I did a lot of research and I’m playing my own interpretation of Hoover. It’s difficult to play someone who’s widely recognized as he is, but it’s been a blast.

If you lived in another time period, what would it be?

I love the Wild West because I’d just like to shoot Billy the Kid.

Any upcoming projects?

I just finished a movie in Louisiana called “River Guard” and I shot the season finale of “Dexter.”

Gretchen Mol plays Jillian Darmody.

Tell me about what your character goes through this season?

I can’t say too much except that we start off where we left off last season where she was shot in the arm by some pretty powerful drugs and we see her now and she’s sort of dealing with that.

What’s it like to work with the cast on one of the greatest TV shows ever?

It’s a dream to be on it and I know that I’m going to look back on this amazing chapter and it’s going to be hard to find a job that I love as much as this.

What have you enjoyed the most about playing your character?

I think the time I had with her with her marinating in there for so long, I feel so comfortable and empathize with her because she’s so difficult to empathize for.

Other notables who attended the New York premiere included Tyson and Kimberly Chandler, June Ambrose, Iman Shumpert and Tristan Wilds. On September 3, Adrienne Bailon, Tyson Beckford, Deborah Cox, Estelle, Charles Antoine Forbin, Ron Delice, Jay Manuel, Michael K. Williams, Erik LaRay Harvey and more continued the party at HBO’s Boardwalk Empire Fashion Fete. Over in L.A., Diddy hosted his own screening of the season premiere. Cast member Michael K. Williams, was joined by Ray J, Dawn Richard, Melody Thornton, Actress Keke Palmer, comedian Niecy Nash, and NBA player Matt Barnes to name a few.

“Boardwalk Empire” airs Sundays at 9 PM on HBO.

-Catherina Gioino