wonder why rozay

Ross premiers his latest single on Hot 97

Earlier today, Hot 97’s DJ Camilo premiered Rick Ross‘ newest single: “I Wonder Why”. This is a very socially conscious and introspective song, with thought provoking lines referencing the Trayvon Martin case (“Now I’m being followed by some creepy ass crackers/Now I’m being followed by some creepy ass crackers/Stand your ground”), as well as a discussion of the recent increase in black homicides and arrests nationwide. That’s not to say that Ross doesn’t dip into his usual bag of tricks, his rhymes about his dark exploits in the streets are still present. However hypercritical it might seem to discuss Martin’s case and selling guns in the same song, it meshes well and helps to add to the conversation about the overall senseless violence that seems to have a grip on the nation presently.

-Jimi (@Nativejimi)

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