The international king no more

That’s it folks, LeBron James is hanging up his gym shoes in regards to USA Basketball. A source close to LeBron told Yahoo! Sports that LeBron will not take part in the 2013 World Championships and is doubtful for the 2016 games in Rio.

USA Basketball’s executive director Jerry Colangelo also confirmed with Yahoo! Sports that LeBron will not be representing USA next year. This is mostly based off the fact that he wasn’t even going to ask LeBron to be on the team for the World Championships.

LeBron haters may see this as a selfish move and Kobe stans will say LeBron is soft, but the man has logged a crazy amount of minutes. LeBron will be 29 next year and 31 when the Olympics come around so staying healthy may be his concern. So far in LeBron’s 10 NBA seasons he has played over 900 games and 36,000 minutes.

I think the USA team will do just fine without him though.

– John McAuliffe (@John_Mac310)