Expect big things from Guillermo del Toro and his latest venture ‘Pacific Rim’

In a summer where Hollywood blockbusters will dominate the box-office, Guillermo del Toro makes sure his name will be among the contenders with his monstrous sci-fi film ‘Pacific Rim.’

‘Pacific Rim’ invading theaters July 12th, takes place in the near future where an alien race of massive monsters invades Earth through a portal. Carnage ensues but this time around humans fight back. On the brink of total destruction, mankind creates massive robots called Jaegers to combat the alien race.

With cinematic excellency facing stiff competition this summer with blockbuster after blockbuster releasing over the next few months, no one is prepared for the colossal showdown between mankind crafted robots and huge alien creatures.

Ben Lester (bjams11)

Check the stunning visuals below: