Woman files suit against free agent Nick Young

A woman has filed a lawsuit against free agent basketball player Nick Young over allegations that he raped her. According to the woman this had happened two years ago in 2011 when Nick Young and her had met at a bar in Los Angeles. The woman claims that Young had bought her and her a friend glasses of champagne, than the next she can recall is waking up in Young’s home naked.

Young stated that they did have sexual intercourse but he stopped once he realized she had passed out. The woman then reportedly went to UCLA’s Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center where results showed that she had GHB in her system, a known date-rape drug.

Just so we give everyone a fair shake here this is not a criminal complaint so there are no charges by the state and no police investigation against Young.

The woman is seeking unspecified damages.

– John McAuliffe (@John_Mac310)

Source – NBCSports