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Kissed By Fire

Game Of Thrones followed up a great episode last week with one this week that was just as good. Episode 5 titled Kissed By Fire started off with two different fires. The episode kicked off where last week’s left us in a cave with the Brotherhood Without Banners, The Hound, and Arya Stark.


Here the Lord Of Light was set to judge Sandor Clegane (The Hound) for his past crimes, how this was to be judged was a trial by combat with Berric Dondarrion. Mentioned in Season 1 and seen for the first time now is Thoros of Myr’s famous flaming sword. The fight between Dondarrion and The Hound is the best fight on the show to date, but more importantly The Hound kills Dondarrion for him only to come back to life. What becomes evident is that like Melisandre, Thoros of Myr’s belief in the Lord Of Light/magic is very real too. We learn that he has not only brought back Dondarrion from the dead but this is the 6th time that he has done so.

Now to the other fire, up beyond the wall Jon Snow is still trying to prove to the wildlings that he himself is deserving of their trust and no longer a crow (man of the night’s watch). After a brief argument with Orell Skinchanger, Jon Snow follows Ygritte in to a cave where she really tests his loyalty. Here Jon Snow breaks his vow for the first time and become sexually involved with Ygritte.

Out in Riverun Robb Stark’s army is slowly unraveling thanks to Ricard Karstark. Karstarck still angry and thirsty for vengeance decides to kill the two Lannister hostages on his own accord. Once Robb Stark here’s of this who sentences all involved to die, even Ricard Karstark. Following in his father’s footsteps Robb hands out the sentence and personally goes through with it cutting off Karstark’s head himself. Before Karstark dies though he curses Robb and calls him a kinslayer because Stark and Karstarck are relatives. With the death of the head of Karhold the rest of the Karstark men abandon Robb’s cause and leaves his army depleted.