Round 2 for Mac Miller and the boys

MTV2 will green-light another season of Mac Miller’s reality show. The “Most Dope Family” gave MTV2 its highest debut ratings in the channel’s history, respectable figures that the network values as the second season will go into production this summer.

In addition, MTV2 announced today that Mac Miller will host a special marathon of the entire first season of “Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family” on Wednesday, April 24 on MTV2. The marathon will conclude with Mac delivering the exclusive worldwide premiere of the music video for the Flying Lotus produced S.D.S., from his upcoming album Watching Movies with the Sound Off.

The Pittsburgh native has been hard at work in an eventful 2013. “Donald Trump” goes platinum, he recently produced two songs on the Treejay and DJ Clockwork mixtape S.H.O.W.TIME under his production alias Larry Fisherman. Harry Fraud has also mentioned working with Mac and releasing some records in the vault featuring Mac Miller and other artists. Although he has not put out a full length album yet, he has a number of upcoming shows beginning in May and ending in late fall.

The show is expected to air in early 2014. Unsure of what exactly will take place in season 2 Mac says, “I have no idea what we are doing for Season 2 yet, but I assure you that it will be awesome.”

Virgilio Mendez

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