Love & Hip Hop went the full love route last night on episode 10. From Mendeecees proposing, to Joe supporting Tahiry–no drinks were thrown and many were forgiven.

Here’s our top moments that made us teary eyed and happy to see the love in hip hop:

1. Yandy convinces Erica to fight for her manager Rich because no one else is knocking down her door. Erica agrees and plots to get Rich back.

2. Tahiry has her mom over for lunch and they discuss Tahiry’s relationship with her dad who cheated on her mom and was deported when she was 18 years old. After having 10 children outside of their marriage, Tahiry blames her dad for her dysfunctional relationships. Tahiry’s mom agrees that the best solution is for Tahiry to go and visit her estranged father in Dominican Republic.

3. Raqi makes dinner for Yandy and Lorel and breaks down about the pressure and backlash she receives from her failed friendships. Lorel gives her the best advice…“You can’t fight everyone Raqi.”

4. Erica meets up with Rich’s mom in a futile attempt to rekindle her relationship with Rich. His mom shoots straight and tells Erica she doesn’t respect her son. Erica tells her mom its not only about their working relationship, she actually loves her son. Awe.

5. Raqi decides to face Ebro Darden, program director of Hot 97. He asks what happened to Jen, only to reveal he knew a big part of the back story. He tells Raqi her failed relationships affects people from working with her professionally. He tells her to recreate another show with Joe and he will consider revisiting the idea.

6. Erica shows up to Rich’s door very apologetic with her hair and nails done wearing expensive lingerie. It works.

7. Mendeecees takes Yandy to house search only to surprise her with a romantic proposal in the house he intends to purchase together. A shocked Yandy cries and says yes.

8. Raqi decides to make amends with Joe so they can continue the radio show they started. Joe tells her he’s willing to let by gones be by gones—IF she apologizes to Tahiry. Raqi says she’ll think about it.

9. Olivia has lunch with Rich’s ex, Tiffany, who reveals she’s been hanging out with Erica as a spy for Rich. She also reveals that they had sex. -_-

10. Joe decides to take Tahiry’s advice to show and prove and pops up at a charity event she’s hosting. Joe gives Tahiry a mysterious envelope and informs her he’s going with her to Dominican Republic for support as she meets with her father.

-Courtney Brown (@CourtneyBrown)

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