Last night, the second episode of HBO’s “Girls” took politics HEAD ON, starting with Hannah’s new love interest Sandy. With Hannah being a Democrat and Sandy being a Republican, she tried to separate her relationship with him from politics. Things didnt go so well when they disagreed on things such as her homosexual roommate and gun laws. Although the scene ended with Sandy kicking her out, she realizes she never should have gotten into that relationship, and maybe you can’t forget politics when in love.

Returning home to a tub of of Cool Whip, Hannah runs into her best friend Marney and ex-boyfriend Elijah, who were discussing to never tell Hannah about their little hook up in the first episode of this season, fearing it would hurt Hannah way too much to know the truth. Realizing that Marney is not dressed as her normal conservative self, Hannah vocalizes that Marney scoring a new job as hostess is not the right look for her, especially if she’s not accustomed to wearing attire that leaves her half-naked.

The end of the second episode takes a twisted turn when Adam shows up at Hannah’s house. Following Adam’s creepy video emails he sent, and his being rejected by Hannah, he shows up at her house with a spare key to “use a cup of milk.” Letting him take it, she gets nervous and calls 911, but hangs up. However, a couple of minutes later, the cops show up to arrest Adam for violations that he has. Feeling terrible watching Adam get taken away in handcuffs, she sits on her stairs in her pajamas feeling more guilty than before.

Until the next episode!

Marissa Carter