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The girls are back! And when I say girls I mean Hannah, Marney, Jessa and Shoshanna. HBO hit series Girls season 2 aired last night at 9pm shocking us with a new love interest from Hannah, and Marney going through an identity crisis. The tables have turned for Hannah and Adam after last season’s huge fight between the two, which ended in Adam being hit by a truck and breaking his leg.

All is revealed when Hannah explains to Adam she doesn’t want to be with him anymore. Marney, going through the growing pains of living life in her 20’s boyfriend-less and now jobless, finds herself in a jam hooking up with her best friend Hannah’s homosexual ex-boyfriend. After coming to the realization that’s he’s gay and nothing will turn him on, she searches for commitment in the familiar arms of her ex-boyfriend Charlie . After finding a new girlfriend, she still can’t get over him.

Still hyper active and overly anxious we got to see a different side of Shoshanna last night, flaunting her independence of being deflowered and not being on of those ” clingy first timers.” The first season episode ended with Hannah in a someone else’s apartment that wasn’t Adam’s, leaving Girls fans anxious to see how this new guy is going to turn out.

If that wasn’t a big enough night for Girls, it was even bigger for director and producer of the show Lena Dunham, who plays Hannah on the show, scooping up two Golden Globes! Congratulations!


Until next Sunday!

-Marissa Carter