Love and Hip Hop 3 started off its season officially introducing us to the feisty, ex of Joe BuddenTahiry Jose. The world first fell in love with her booming personality on the internet via JoeBudden TV. Below, the stunning Harlem-native sets the record straight about her relationship with Joey and gossiping girls.

What did you think of the first episode?

I loved it, everybody is always complaining about reality TV but I loved it I think people get scared of the editing, but my first episode was great!

So nothing embarrassed you?

Nooo. I was being me Courtney. You know how I am. I was glad they were able to catch my expressions. It’s the real me. It was cool. It was…real.

Anything you looking forward to witnessing this season on thee how?

Yeah I would to see the ending of how my storyline with Joey is going to end because its so f^%king confusing to me and I’m on it– and I filmed. Its good. bad, bad, ugly, crazy and then we still manage to coexist and stay in the same room, you know what I’m saying? My feelings are so crazy on a Monday and then I’m able to sit in the same room with him and watch the first episode and smile and dap him. Who does that? But then hated him for rapping about me yesterday. Right now on the show, the same thing happens. So I’m eager to see what point we end up on the show. Because its crazy right now.

It was rumored you and Joey were offered a show a while back and turned it down. Why did you guys agree to do a show together now?

It was just time. I felt like it was time to take it to the next step. We started something, we were great at it. I remember speaking to Joey last January and saying, “Are we seriously going to watch this on TV and not take it there?”  We did it. We are Love and Hip Hop. Is this what we gonna do are we going to just watch everybody just run with this shit. And I just thought it was time. We’re great whether we’re together or not. Even At this point I’m tired of hearing about myself when he raps about me. Its like “Boring ni@@a move the f$%k on.”  But you know we are great together and apart, so why the f&*k not?

One of the cast members had a few juice words recently about you. Raqi Thunda…

Who? Who? Of course she’s going to have choice words about me, she has no storyline!

I heard that you were guys were friends at one point how did it get to the point its at now?

Friends I wouldn’t say friends. Again in this industry you learn fast how to sit back and watch people that want to be around you and for what reason. So I gave Raqi a chance, In giving her a chance, you know we kicked it on the phone, I was very very very careful with Raqi. I really didn’t speak to much about my personal situations, never even gave her a name unless she already knew I dated a dude. Very very careful I watched the way she moved and it wasn’t very conducive to where I was going in my life. She just moves funny. She’s one of those thirst buckets that be everywhere with every little clique trying to get in where she fit in, and I don’t respect people like that. I can’t have a girl close to me that to come and bring me gossip about everybody and to me if you talking about everybody else you hang with, you’re definitely gonna talk about me to other people. So I cut her off real quick. It was short-lived. Don’t want her around me. But I didn’t even cut her off nasty, i was just like I’m straight. And I guess some people don’t deal well with rejection? So in doing that I gave her an episode as you watch, I sit with her right? So pretty much she’s good, I gave her a couple episodes. Matter of fact, I gave her her storyline. Without talking about the cast what would she be talking about? Scratching records that she never scratched? As a DJ or whatever she wants to call herself.

Is Tahiry working on anything else we should know about?

I still got the magazines, I’m still working on the apparel line it might turn into some other stuff now and…I’m working on music. Anything and everything. I’m in the studio now in the first stages of it, enjoying it learning. I wanna do feel good music. Records that are crazy in the clubs, right now I’m just learning. I have a record or 2 or 3. Its in the beginning stages. I’m learning how hard it is and you know I’m getting a kick out of seeing something that started to now creating something and it feels really good. And I feel really good about it.

-Courtney Brown (@CourtneyBrown)

Love and Hip Hop 3 airs Monday nights at 8pm EST on www.VH1.com