Record Report

Rickie Jacobs

Live Epic

Producers: Clay Hillman, Baghira, Zoo Life, & Others

Following The Prequel EP, DMV artist Rickie Jacobs is at it again with his most recent mixtape Live Epic. Determined to let the world know Baltimore breeds rappers, Rickie delivers a solid tape featuring 14 original ear grasping records in what can be considered ride-out music.

Jacobs opens with “Hey America,” a cool, reflective record in which his message to listeners is to be yourself and stay within your means, shown with lyrics such as: “You don’t want to be like Michael, you don’t want to be like Tiger, be like you/ Saw what happened to Michael, I don’t want to talk about Tiger, get a clue.” Shuffling down the tracklist, listeners will come across the trill drinkers anthem “2 Cups,” a for sure head bopper featuring a dope verse from New Orleans femcee 3D Na’Tee.

Rickie raises the stakes with “Drugs N Heaven”, a psychedelic record for those of us who like to stimulate our minds and escape or “come home.” “Inspiration” produced by Baghira, may be his most personal track. It’s here that RJ breaks down what kept him inspired to continue rapping, whether it was the non- believers clowning or Mom dukes’ work ethic. On the following record “Blxxd Pxlls” the B-more emcee revisits his past relationships and explains both his insecurities and declares his love for his little one. The most standout record however, has to be “Sour Cream.” No, not because of the title but rather the combination of wordplay, flow and delivery demonstrated excels over the Keishh-produced track.

Where Live Epic does somewhat miss the mark is in the wordplay/ lyrical content category on a few soundly produced records including “Slow Down” with August Flight Gordan on the boards and “Acid Interlude” produced by Zoo Life. All in all however, Live Epic serves audiences well by tapping into various emotions and simultaneously offering an engaging druggie storyline. If you’re looking for something with substances that you can cruise to, Live Epic should earn a spot on the soundtrack to the summer of 2012.  

–  Marvin Lucien (@BigMarv818)


DOWNLOAD: Rickie Jacobs – Live Epic [Mixtape]