Bobby V delivers one of the many new mixtapes that are sure to cater to the lovers today with his DJ-Smallz-hosted effort, V-Day. The ATL singer handles all the vocals for dolo minus a guest appearance by R&B OG Keith Sweat. Since I’m traveling and willl be 30,000 ft in the air for much of the day, I won’t be celebrating V-Day in the traditional fashion but this at least gives me hope that I can swoon a stuardess and maybe even join the mile high club on this, Hallmark’s most profitable sales day of the year. It’s the kind of blue collar dream Bobby would want to inspire in all of us. Check out the tracklist and download link below and “Happy Valentine’s Day” *in my Andre 3000 voice.* 

Nate Santos (@MidtownNate


Mixtape: Bobby V – V-Day (Hosted by DJ Smallz)


01. Bobby V – V Day Intro (Feat. Dj Smallz) (0:56)

02. Bobby V – One Dose (3:55)

03. Bobby V – Make You Say Ooh (Remix) (Feat. Keith Sweat) (3:32)

04. Bobby V – On It (3:25)

05. Bobby V – Hush (3:02)

06. Bobby V – Put It Down (3:41)

07. Bobby V – Night & Day (3:37)

08. Bobby V – Hammertime (Bonus) (4:00)

09. Bobby V – 3 AM (Bonus) (3:51)

10. Bobby V – Cum Baby (Bonus) (3:23)

11. Bobby V – V5 Outro (0:37) 



Props: LowKey