Ahead of the release of his forthcoming album Boomiverse, Big Boi stopped by Desus & Mero’s VICELAND show and spoke about more than just new music.

The former Outkast member was asked how’d social media change rap, and he had the perfect response:

It’s different because we had to see someone in person. If somebody would say something [negative], we’d slap the shit out of them. [Laughs] And then that just never happens again. But now you got people that’s in their mother’s basement on the computer, eating Cheetos and sh*t, and you just can’t pay attention to it. In this age, it can be good and it can be bad, in the sense of, you can put a song out and it instantly goes everywhere, but you can also get a lawsuit by slapping the shit out of somebody.

Social media definitely has its perks, but it has undoubtedly changed the way we live our day-to-day lives. Watch the full interview below.