Tish Hyman

New York native Tish Hyman is one to watch this summer.

The multi talented  singer/songwriter has written hit records for some of your favorite artists, including Diddy, Alicia Keys, Ty Dolla $ign, and Fabulous among others.


Now, they hitmaker is making sweet music of her own, with her new single “What It Feels Like” featuring Dej Loaf and Ty Dolla $ign. The single is off her forthcoming EP.


We decided to chat with this talented to star to find out more about her music and plans for Summer ‘17.


What’s the process like writing songs for other artists?

Its different depending on who it is. When I wrote for Alicia we hung out in the studio together and tried to create songs that were relevant to her place in life right now. Other times, I’m inspired by the artists vibe or what kind of sound they’re going for. It really depends on the artists and what type of record they’re trying to make as to how I approach it.


What’s the writing process like for yourself?

I try to write songs that reflect whatever I may be going through at a time or what I want to get off my chest. On my last album, Dedicated To, I wrote songs that let fans get to know me- to understand that I’m from the Bronx, what that life was/is like for me, how I strive to persevere and push ahead. With the new project, instead of writing sad songs I  decided to write happy songs and pick myself up. Its different every project. I try to make sure I’m current with what I’m going through at the time.


What do you want people to walk away thinking or feeling after listening to your work?

I want them to feel inspired mostly. My main goal in life to inspire people. That’s what got me through was someone talking to me and giving me positive energy. I talk to myself and make sure I understood my life wasn’t going to stay the way it was. It can change. When they listen to me as an artist, i want them to feel like they’re my friends and that they can look to me for inspiration.


How would you describe your relationship with your fans?

I love interacting with them. When I see them out and on the streets they stop me and speak and I speak back. We have good conversation. They’re open with me and don’t mind telling me what’s up and what they think of me. They keep me inspired and remind me that what I’m doing is actually working and that I’m showing them they can live their dreams and feel like they can. That is what motivates me.


How would you describe your personality?

Hella funny. I love to laugh and have jokes. I am very inspirational. I’m  almost never angry – if i am its very short and I try to snap myself out of it. I chose to be happy. I believe happiness can be a choice. I’m just a great person. I’m always accessible, I always answer my phone and I’m very active in my friends lives. I was bounced around when I was younger, and when that happens you learn how important people are and how you need others.  It allowed me to love people like family even if they aren’t. We need each other. I’m always loving on others.


What are your music goals this year?

Definitely to do more festivals and live performances this year. I want to reach more people. Also I’m putting out an EP and a mixtape. I want to shoot more videos. I want to land another acting role and another film.

Progress is a process. I’m willing to put in the work.


What is a dream collab you have?

I want to work with John Singleton on a project. I want to work with Murder Beats- I love his tracks. Definitely would love to sit with Hov- Jay Z is one of my biggest heros. I want to meet Oprah. She can do no wrong. Queen latifah is another hero of mine.


What’s a message you want to leave the people with?

Know I love you and will inspire you through music. I’m not going anywhere. You can listen to me now or later but I will be around here still spreading love and inspiration.