Charlie Murphy has reportedly passed away today at the age of 57 following a battle with leukemia. The well-loved comedian, who is also the older brother of actor and comedian, Eddie Murphy, died at a hospital in New York City.

Murphy’s influence stretches far and wide. His career, which has lasted multiple decades and has seen success internationally, has allowed him to work with top artists, movies and TV shows. His talents certainly did not stop at cultivating punch lines. After his initial rise to stardom from Chapelle’s Show, Charlie Murphy has consistently shown to be a gifted writer, actor and overall entertainer. Some feature visuals he has been involved in include Are We There Yet?, Lottery Ticket, Roll Bounce and Harlem Nights. He is also known for voicing episodes of The Boondocks.


Deepest condolences go out to Charlie Murphy’s family, friends, loved ones and supporters. Thank you for all the laughs.