New Era Cap x MLB have partnered with Roc Nation to release their first-ever collaboration on officially licensed MLB caps. The collaboration has three different launches and cap drops – MLB’s Opening Day, Summer and then fall time to baseball’s postseason. The first 59FIFTY collection is now available, exclusively in select Lids stores,, and in New Era Flagship stores in the U.S. and globally in South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Brazil, London, Mexico and Canada. Each caps retail at $50.

The exclusive, limited-edition collection will feature 16 MLB franchises with New York Yankees, New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants, Atlanta Braves, Detroit Tigers, Washington Nationals, Baltimore Orioles, Texas Rangers, Houston Astros, Seattle Mariners, Miami Marlins and Toronto Blue Jays.


We got an opportunity to catch up with Roc Nation Lifestyle Specialist, Emory Jones as he talks about the importance behind the collection and the partnership. Check out what he had to say below and find out which cap is his favorite from the collection.


It’s all about the process our motto at Roc Nation is greatness is a process- Emory Jones


Explain your relationship with New Era and MLB. 

Vegas: Us and New Era we’ve been in partnership for the last 5 to 6 years already, so you know we have a great relationship. The MLB especially is one of those things where you get to break barriers and MLB is one of them barriers that we all grew up on and we all understand but we never had a chance to really do business with them. So to me what we stand for at Roc Nation is always about breaking barriers, because once I break the barrier I think the new generation and everybody else can come in and do it better than me. It’s like opening doors up and letting the new ones come in and do it even more better. That’s what I like the most with the relationship with MLB, a chance to do something different and be something different and really tap into a market that we really don’t tap in. It’s easy to wake up and say “let’s go to the club,” but we know everybody and how they think and how they want to dance but then you can go somewhere else and you don’t know what they thinking. But you can go and fit in and have just as much a good time, it’s exactly like that.


How fun was it working with New Era for the branding of the collection?

Vegas: New Era are great people to work with in general because I think they get it and it’s no other hat company that creates better hats than New Era. So when you take the quality of it and then have good creative people with it that want to do some new stuff it makes it easier. To me it’s not work.


Any Thoughts on working with the MLB to make this collaboration happen?

Vegas: Working with MLB is one of those things where you’re not able to be as creative as you want to be, but I think you start somewhere. So I think this is a start the start of them understanding the culture more and then the culture understanding the MLB. I think it’s past time so we all have some type of connection towards it.


How did you guys all come together to introduce this idea?

Vegas: It was brought to me when New Era and Lids came to me with the opportunity and to me the first thing I thought about was that they were going to give me the freedom to do some crazy stuff. But, I wanted to respect what New Era and MLB stood for first. So that’s why I kept it classic. I feel like black and white is in our DNA already at Roc Nation so it was like why not take it, because everyone likes to have their team hat in a black colorway. For whatever day you might need that black hat. With me my main thing with the hat was that if we do MLB let’s make it classic and that’s already in our DNA.


Do you have a favorite hat from the collection as a Team?

Vegas: Well, I’m a Yankees guy (Laughs) and I’m from Maryland and my heart is with Baltimore. But, I think my favorite out of all of them aesthetically is probably The Marlins it came off so good, just came out so right and so good.


When someone see’s the hat what do you want their first thought to be, what do you want the hats to represent other than a MLB team?

Vegas: I look at like this, for MLB being America’s past time. I feel like the paper plane is anybody’s past time. We all done made paper planes because that paper plane solidifies where you want to go and I think when you look at somebody in any league rather it’s MLB or wherever else they started off with a dream of wanting to be in the MLB or in the pros. So that plane represents that, the plane represents where you want to go. So it’s like a perfect combination because the average pro-athlete started from youth league, high school, college and then the pros. So it’s that process of I gotta think past-go, I gotta make it to this step to get to that step. So when you get up and you playing little league baseball you automatically thinking in your mind even at 8 years old, you like “I’m going to be in the pros one day.” I’m doing this because I want to be a baseball player one day and I think the plane represents that process.

Last Words for Fans. 

Vegas: It’s all about the process our motto at Roc Nation is greatness is a process. I feel like to get to anywhere in life or to make it to the major leagues or not you gotta respect that process.


You can purchase from the Roc Nation x MLB x New Era collection at each hat retailing at $50 a piece.