In the digital age that we live in, it’s hard to keep up with all of the artists — who push to bring light to their artistic ability. From California, comes Kamal Smith, a confident artist that comes backed by the independent label of Kombat Artists.

After spending a ton of time in the studio, a project came from the sessions turning into his Wholehearted EP. Equipped with five tracks, Kamal shows off his confidence and rhyming abilities — while entering new sources of motivation.

” I tapped in the other producer homies [including Redd] from our independent label ‘KBA’ : Traphouseryan & Astro,” Kamal said. “Redd produced: ‘Confidence,” “God Knows, and Stunt Like This.  Traphouseryan produced: Undefeated. Astro produced: Don’t Forget It Freestyle. I Wanted to do a something different with this one, to show my expansion in production but also keep it within my team.”

During the process of working on another project, it was then – that the idea for Wholehearted EP came about.

“Honestly. I didn’t have a set time on getting this project done. The scenario really was, I’m in the studio every other day recording a lot, knocking out a bunch of music. So during the process I decided that I would put together an EP just to show the people and my supporters that I’m still here, and still working! So I  decided on dropping an EP honestly like two weeks prior, but didn’t want to announce it until like a week from when I knew I wanted to drop it. Songs were already done. I just chose the ones I thought would be good and now it’s back into album mode, and still more singles will be dropped throughout the rest of the year and so forth.”