Issa Rae‘s colorful first episode of her new HBO show ‘Insecure’ has garnered over 1 million views showcasing the uncut raw side of two women.

The eight-episode comedy series chronicles two Black women, played by Rae and Yvonne Orji, as they deal with experiences surrounding their professional and personal lives.  Filled with a slick sense of slapstick comedy, ‘Insecure’ is sure to make you chuckle out loud.

The writer and creator of the show Issa Rae says, “I wanted to have two dark-skinned women as leads who were still desirable and still were to a degree—it’s called Insecure—but they still have a sense of confidence in who they are. We don’t get to see that. For me, that was an important choice. I just want to force people to relate to black people. That’s kind of what I want the legacy to be. For people to look back and be like, “Oh my gosh these human black characters, I saw myself in them and I didn’t know that I could.”




Check out the first episode of ‘Insecure’!