It’s a really interesting time to have beef with Drake. When you’re the biggest rapper in the game, there will be a target on your back–ask Hov–and everyone from Meek Mill to Pusha T has taken shots in recent years. More recently, Tory Lanez found himself caught up in a riff with the Toronto rapper when Drake rapped “All you new Toronto n*ggas want to be me a little” on his January release “Summer Sixteen.” (That was a reference to Lanez New Toronto mixtape, which had been out a mere few weeks at the time.) Since then, Lanez and Drake have traded jabs and light shots at each other, be it in song or on stage at their respective shows. It was once rumored that Drake had been borrowing some of his artistic style from Lanez, then an underground artist, and chances are that Drake didn’t like the sound of that.

Now that Lanez is a bigger star (and has a new album out), he’s hitting the marquee hot seats to talk about everything, including the bizarre riff he has with Drizzy. During a recent Breakfast Club interview, Lanez clarified to DJ Envy that he and Drake couldn’t have a real beef, because then, people from their respective crews would go “missing.”

What does that mean? Will Lanez’s crew and Drake’s crew stand opposite each other and break out in a game of dodgeball until only Tory and Drizzy are left standing? R&B beefs have really come quite a long way.