Last night, Michael Phelps won two more gold medals at the Summer Olympics in Rio, bringing his 2016 gold medal total to 3, and his career tally to 21, an Olympic Record. The victories also brought his total career medal total to 25, another Olympic record. Phelps was already the most decorated Olympian of all-time before last night, he just made his record that much more unattainable, as he now sits 7 total medals ahead of the career runner-up, Soviet gymnast Larisa Latynina, who last competed in 1964.

Naturally, Phelps’ fellow Team USA athletes were in the building to cheer him on, and one stuck out more than the others: Kevin Durant. Durant, who doesn’t appear to be bogged down by the weight of his free agency decision, was in the stands simultaneously filming Phelps’ meet, and cheering the legendary swimmer on as if he was a jovial kid watching his dad run the base paths in the company softball game. DeAndre Jordan and Draymond Green were with him, but KD stole the cheering show.

One thing is also very apparent, as you see him standing next to the 6’11” Jordan. The notion that he’s 6’9″ should be done away with. I mean, really. Come on guys.