At approximately 4:30 p.m. CT, Russell Westbrook‘s re-introductory press conference–if you will–at Chesapeake Arena in Oklahoma City, a celebratory formality acknowledging Westbrook somewhat surprisingly agreeing to a 3-year contract extension with the Thunder, the only team he’s ever played for.

For fans and basketball writers, what this really represented was the first real opportunity anybody would have in the last month to ask Russell Westbrook, in an official capacity, about the departure of , and how it’s affected their relationship.

With screaming Thunder fans crowding the vicinity outside the arena and lining the blue carpet on which Westbrook strolled into the venue, the press conference kicked off, and just 15 minutes into it, a reporter grabbed that opportunity by its horns.

Westbrook’s response was swift, and simple.

I found out like y’all found out. On the news, on the cellphones and social media. I talked to Kevin prior to…early on in the process, but nothing after. There was just a text message from him and that’s about it.

There was also this interesting tidbit.

The Russell Westbrook Revenge Tour, coming to a city near you this November.