The Democratic National Convention has been quite the emotional ride. After all, the entire 2016 campaign has been brutal for both parties. Day Three of the DNC—now almost at the finish line—was wild from beginning to end, featuring prominent speakers bashing on Donald Trump while glorifying Hillary Clinton as the nation’s premiere heroine.

Here are our five favorite moments from yesterday [Wednesday, July 27] at the DNC:

When POTUS passed the baton to Hillary Clinton.

President Barack Obama gave a powerful speech that simultaneously criticized Donald Trump and endorsed Hillary Clinton. President Obama boldly declared, “I can say with confidence there has never been a man or a woman – not me, not Bill, nobody – more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as the president of the United States.” When he went after Trump, he received negative reactions from the audience, to which he promptly responded with, “Don’t boo. Vote.”

When speakers called out Donald Trump.

Anti-Trump sentiment was obvious throughout the night. Many Democratic speakers painted Trump to be un-American and unethical by referring to the incident earlier that day when he had asked Russia to hack Clinton’s emails. Apparently, he was hoping for Russian intelligence services to hack Mrs. Clinton’s emails and publish the missing 30,000 emails.

When “independent” Michael Bloomberg endorsed Hillary.

Michael Bloomberg, former New York City billionaire mayor, encouraged the undecided voters to cast their vote for Clinton. He went after fellow New York billionaire Trump and called him a lengthy list of names, including: a con, insane, and incompetent.

When Tim Kaine felt the Bern.

Tim Kaine, Clinton’s choice for vice president, addressed the disgruntled Bernie fans (many of whom left on Day Two of the DNC as a result of Clinton’s victory over Sanders) by declaring he’s “feeling the Bern.” It was a risky move but it seemed to be well-worth the risk in order to try and consolidate the Democratic votes.

When VP Joe Biden wanted the best for middle-class Americans.

VP “Middle-Class Joe” Biden directed his speech at the middle class of the United States by declaring Trump knew and cared nothing for them, and the best candidate to represent the middle class population of America would be Mrs. Clinton. As we’re in the final stretch of both the DNC and the 2016 elections, it is obvious both Biden and Kaine are trying to unite the somewhat scattered Democratic voters to vote for Hillary.

-Vicky Lau