For those that have been following N.O.R.E lately beyond his highly popular podcast (Drink Champs), you will have noticed that he has also been recently dropping singles collaborating with fellow NY emcee and close friend, Memphis Bleek. The duo have branded themselves The Plug Brothers and seem to be gearing up for a full collaboration project sometime in the near future.

The first release we got from The Plug Brothers was a track titled “Moguls,” where N.O.R.E. raps about how he and Bleek helped squash the issues between Fat Joe and JAY Z which eventually led to the “All The Way Up Remix” with Jay. This was a big accomplishment, since Hov and Joey Crack’s feud had been a long standing one prior to the issues being resolved.

The next track released from the duo was a track titled “4 Da Win” that also features Remy Ma. The three emcees do what they do best over an uptempo, high energy beat and the on-track chemistry between N.O.R.E. and Bleek is definitely there. This record was the second collaboration between The Plug Brothers in a short amount of time and the buzz for a full project seems to be growing more and more with each release.

Both N.O.R.E. and Bleek are solidified in the game. Both have albums under their belt that many would consider to be classics. The fact they have an off record friendship seems to help with the feel of the records also, giving the tracks more of an organic feel than some of the more randomly put together collaboration projects.

The Plug Brothers seem like they are just getting started at this point and if we’re basing what we will get from a full project off the two tracks we’ve gotten so far, than we could be in for a great mixtape/album. Those that have been fans of the two emcees but haven’t had the chance to hear the new records yet will be pleased upon listening as there isn’t any reinventing going on, just the regularly scheduled programming that got the both of them their stamps in the Hip Hop history books. There’s no set release date for the project yet but when they do drop it, their fans should be in for a treat.