In a recent interview with Sole Collector, James Harden said he and Kanye West will definitely work together on a basketball shoe in the near future. The Rockets shooting guard plans on “shaking up the shoe game” with help from none other than Yeezy himself.

“Down the line, we’ll definitely collab on a sneaker,” Harden said. “He’s never done a basketball shoe before, so that would shake up the shoe game a little bit.” Both are signed to Adidas, and have contributed separately on shoes released by Adidas in the past.

Recently Kanye and Adidas came to terms with a long-term extension that includes an entire team of designers and managers. These people will be solely focused on Yeezy merchandise, which means Kanye will have to work directly with Harden if they want to release a sneaker in the near future.

As Harden stated, Kanye has never worked on a basketball shoe before, and this collaboration could lead to more basketball shoes in the future, as well as more Hip Hop artists promoting/designing basketball shoes in general.