Kevin Durant has been in the headlines a lot recently, and for good reason. He shook up the NBA landscape only a few weeks ago when he announced he was signing with the Golden State Warriors. Now he is in training to play for USA basketball in the Rio Olympics in August, and he was sporting a new tattoo at practice.

It’s no secret that Durant is a fan of Hip Hop, so the fact that he got a rapper tatted on his calf comes as no surprise. KD is long time friends with fellow DC native Wale, he’s said that Drake is his favorite rapper, and he hangs with Jay-Z, but none of them made the cut.

Instead, KD got a tattoo of Tupac on his lower left leg. While it sounds like a good idea, Pac is one of the most famous rappers and a California legend, it was the execution of the leg tattoo that was a little disappointing. KD’s lower leg now features a picture of Tupac and a Wu-Tang Clan symbol. Why are those two are right next to each other? Not quite sure, KD is going to have to explain that one. Also, c’mon KD, Tupac on your lower leg? He deserves better placement don’t you think?

And of course, the internet chimed in as well. Twitter was pretty adamant that Durant should have gone with a Notorious B.I.G. tattoo, and others poked fun at his new ink.