If there is any qualms about the NFL, it’s the less-than-equal payments that are issued compared to the other professional leagues in the united states. Maybe because it’s a shorter season, or maybe it’s because Roger Goddell doesn’t really care. Either way, NFL players are always about two things, their contract and the guaranteed money in their contract. The popular, humorous meaning for the NFL means “Not For Long.”

Which is why Von Miller of the Denver Broncos is seeking out a deal to not only remain with the Broncos, but to become the highest paid defensive player in the league. Although the Broncos offered a six year, 115 million dollar contract-with 39 million guaranteed, Miller believes after his playoff stretch this past year he’s due for more. Doesn’t help Fletcher Cox from the Philadelphia Eagles received a similar deal, but more guaranteed ($63 million).


Earlier this week, sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that Broncos general manager John Elway had personally called Miller over the Fourth of July weekend to express a desire to work out a long-term deal, after almost a full month without dialogue between the sides.

Sources said Elway and Miller spent about 10-15 minutes on the phone during that call, with Elway telling Miller that the Broncos still love him and want to re-sign him. Elway told Miller during that conversation that Denver would reach out to his agents this week in an effort to jump-start talks.