Kevin Durant Reflects on Being Name Dropped By Jay Z, Drake and More

Kevin Durant, the NBA’s most recent mega-star–almost there, Steph Curry–is naturally fodder for rap songs galore. The lanky, cool University of Texas alum is friends with Wale, Jay Z and Drake, and is considered one of the league’s true Hip Hop Heads; on any given day you can see him tweeting about rap and rappers, from Chance The Rapper to Logic. Naturally, he gets name-dropped quite a bit, and on by some pretty marquee artists at that.

To talk about why he’s one of the more name-dropped players in the game, the Golden State Warriors forward sat down with GeniusRob Markman. Specifically, they discussed memorable KD-rap moments like Drake on “Weston Road Flows”–“Shoutout to K-D, we relate, we get the same attention”–and J. Cole‘s verse-ending compliment–“Meets KD, ain’t no n*gga that can shoot like me.” Durant touches on what it was like hearing those for the first time, then reveals the pre-game text and Snapchat relationship he has with Drake, who once lobbied for Durant to join the Toronto Raptors.

Watch the interview above.