Yesterday [Thursday, July 7] the Milwaukee Bucks got Matthew Dellavedova in a sign-and-trade deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Dellavedova had originally signed an offer sheet with the Bucks, worth $38 million for 4 years, but the teams teams actually came to an agreement for a trade.

Dellavedova was a restricted free-agent this offseason, so he had the right to negotiate with other teams, but the Cavaliers could match any offer he got. Due to the Cav’s extremely high luxury tax penalty, they would have had to let Dellavedova go, but it seems now they came to an agreement with the Bucks to sign Dellavedova and then trade him to Milwaukee.

In return, the Cavs received the rights to Albert Miralles, a foreign player, and a $4.8 million trade exception. It is mostly likely that Miralles will not play in the NBA, so this move was mostly motivated by the chance to clear some salary for the Cavs, and get the trade exception which they could use in a future deal.

Usually the defending NBA champions don’t have to make a lot of moves in the following offseason, but with Kevin Durant moving to Golden State, and other teams in the East, such as Chicago, Boston and New York, getting stronger, the Cavs might start to feel the pressure to reinforce their roster. They will definitely miss Dellavedova’s hustle and defense, and they will have to look to other players to fill the role he has left.