After losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers on their home court in Game 7 of last night’s NBA Finals, it is safe to say that the Golden State Warriors have seen better days. Coming off of a season that saw the team break the 95-96 Chicago Bulls regular season wins record by going 73-9, as well as having the first ever unanimous league MVP in Steph Curry, falling in the post season is a huge disappointment.

Not everyone has empathy for the Warriors. This was evidenced by a fan who hit Steph Curry’s dad and former NBA player Dell Curry with a mean okie-doke. As fans were filing out of the arena following the end of the game, a fan approached Dell for a handshake and as he reached out to reciprocate, the fan quickly switched into a dab and walked off, leaving Dell looking at him with a confused look. The clip has since gone viral, being shared over a million times and said fan might go down in prank history.