Earlier this week, Netflix released a report that described its viewers binging habits. Netflix analyzed what kinds of shows are consumed the fastest, and which shows take views a little long to watch.

Netflix found that on average, a binge watcher consumes a season of a TV show in about a week, and that they average two hours of watching everyday. Netflix also identified what genres of TV shows get consumed the fastest, with horror and thrillers, such as Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and American Horror Story, taking the top spot. They found that viewers binged a season of these shows in about four days.

Just behind those came dramatic comedies, crime dramas, and superhero shows. Bingers usually took about five days to finish a season of these kinds of shows. This group included shows such as Orange Is the New Black, Fargo and Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

And finally, the group that took bingers the longest to watch (we’re talking about six days to finish a season) were political dramas, “irreverent” comedies, as Netflix calls them, and historical dramas. These were shows like House of Cards, Arrested Development and Mad Men. Netflix said that viewers needed a little more time to digest these kinds of shows, so they might only spend around 45 minutes everyday watching these shows.

Respect: NYTimes