Watch the Hilarious Trailer For Marshawn Lynch’s ’60 Minutes Sports’ Special

Marshawn Lynch is the crown jewel of American sports. It isn’t Tom Brady or Stephen Curry or Bryce Harper. It’s the self-sufficient, anti-media, Oakland enthusiast named Marshawn Lynch. The guy that may or may not have resigned from his post as the most feared running back in the NFL because league officials kept making him talk to reporters after games.

60 Minutes Sports will do their best to explain to the masses the quiet storm that is the now retired Pro Bowl running back in an upcoming special, and the trailer was released today. In the trailer, someone close to Marshawn describes a time when Marshawn flew into Oakland just to inhale the air then flew back from where he came, and Marshawn complains–quite seriously–that the show’s producers didn’t feed him Taco Bell while they were shooting.

None of this is a joke, and the clips above and below are definitive proof. Be sure to watch the full special when it airs on Showtime on June 7.