TMZ is reporting close friends of Lamar Odom have tried to stage an intervention once again to stop him from using hard drugs. Odom’s battle with crack addition is well-known at this point, especially after he overdosed at a Nevada brothel last year in October.

According to sources, his close friends began to see Odom exhibiting strange behavior, and they were worried he had relapsed into drug use. They have tried in the past to intervene with Odom, but he did not seek any help.

The sources said when they went to speak with Odom, they observed drug paraphernalia all over his house, including crack pipes. Odom was spotted earlier this year in a bar ordering drinks, even though he was going through the rehabilitation process.

Sadly, it would seem that Lamar Odom has relapsed and not fully recovered from his drug addiction. Last week, it was reported that Khloe Kardashian was proceeding with her divorce from Odom, and that she was citing the same irreconcilable differences that caused her to first seek the divorce, which was just before Odom’s incident at the brothel.

Respect: TMZ