Tom Coughlin, one of the toughest NFL coaches to emerge in the last decade, resigned in January this past year from the New York Giants, following four straight seasons without a playoff birth. Although the two-time Super Bowl winner is 70 years old, he is feeling the urge to coach again soon. His comeback? Won’t be this year, but he is eyeing a 2017 return.


The former New York Giants coach told The MMQB that he watches his grandchildren play sports and is involved in The Jay Fund, a charity Coughlin started 20 years ago after one of his players at Boston College, Jay McGillis, died from leukemia.

But make no mistake: Coughlin misses football.

“I’ve coached 47 years of my life,” Coughlin told The MMQB on Sunday night. “You take that away, and that’s not an easy thing to duplicate.”

Coughlin told the website his “motor is starting to run again,” but he realizes that in order to coach again next year he needs a team that will accept him as a different kind of coach.

“We’ll see,” Coughlin said. “It’ll take two to tango. The 70-year-old man stuff will be a factor, and I’m sure they’ll know this would be a three- and four-year thing.”