Brazilian UFC Featherweight Jose Aldo is eager for a rematch against pound-for-pound featherweight champion, the “Notorious” Conor McGregor.

According to Fox Sports, after McGregor’s left hook left Aldo unconscious only 13 seconds into the fight at UFC 194, Aldo has expressed his interest in a do-over.

In declaring his desire for a proper rematch against McGregor’s left hook, which the interim champion admitted, “Nobody can take that left-hand shot,” Brazilian mixed martial artist went a step further to invite McGregor to a fight in the streets.

“I will get there and run through [Edgar],” Aldo said during his appearance for his upcoming match against Frankie Edgar at UFC 200. “It doesn’t matter what happens, we will win this fight. After that, we will get McGregor even if it’s in the streets.”

McGregor’s left-hand shot to Aldo’s chin also connected with his ego. The 13-second finish has not resonated well with the fighter. If Aldo’s confidence allows him to open an invitation to a street fight with the “Notorious,” it’s smart for McGregor to stay ready— just in case.