Just a week ago, it was reported an authorized documentary of  Whitney Houston was in the works. Controversial filmmaker, Nick Bloomfield, who has been involved with documentaries such as Biggie and Tupac and Kurt and Courtney, plans to recount the life and career of the late superstar.

“I feel strongly that I cannot do a particularly insightful film into what happened with Whitney Houston and her life with the estate’s approval,” Bloomfield says. “The reasons will become apparent when the film comes out.”

Without giving away too much information, Bloomfield revealed what aspects of the singer’s life he’s interested in and the ones he’s not. The director disclosed his disinterest in exploring Houston’s drug addiction and said he would rather explore the toll her success took on her.

“Everybody knows about it,” he declares. “Her drug abuse is less interesting than the issue of the incredible mismanagement of her money.”

According to Variety, the film will be released in 2017 by Showtime.