Though he’ll never publicly admit it, it’s plausible to think that LeBron James is pretty frustrated that the league is slipping out from under his reign. Considered the consensus and undisputed best player in the world for several years, LeBron’s spotlight has been swiped by the jaw-dropping Stephen Curry, who has his Warriors back in the Western Conference Finals as they seek their second consecutive NBA title.

Ostensibly, that likely means that LeBron isn’t too thrilled with Warriors coach Steve Kerr winning the Coach of the Year award, despite missing a third of the season due to health issues. LeBron does, however, have a point. Though the voting media found it hard to ignore the fact that the Warriors broke the record for most wins in a season, winning 73 games, some might argue that a better coaching job was done by Portland Trailblazers head coach Terry Stotts, who led the Blazers to the second round of the playoffs despite losing 4 of the team’s 5 2014-2015 starters in free agency. While some thought the Blazers would be a lottery team, they shocked the league with their regular season success. LeBron pretty much echoed that sentiment speaking with

“I think Terry Stotts should have been or could have been Coach of the Year. I can’t remember the last time that I’ve seen at team lose four starters and still be in the same position as far as the postseason they had.”

Considering the Cavs have yet to lose a game in the postseason, it makes sense that LBJ has the time to think about who should have won which end-of-year award.