Watch the New Trailer For Season 4 of ‘Orange Is the New Black’

Orange Is the New Black is making its highly-anticipated return to Netflix screens everywhere for Season 4 on June 17, and it could be their most coveted season yet. Season 3, though uneventful compared to the show’s first two seasons, set up several scenarios that will surely have dramatic, plot-altering conclusions, and the final episodes left quite a few things hanging in the balance, and the new Season 4 trailer suggests it all comes to a head one way or the other.

Piper’s relationships are becoming strained, and the bridges she’s burned could becoming back to haunt her. Not to mention the new influx of prisoners to Litchfield will throw everything out of whack. New personalities, new COs, new inmates, and new twists. It all begins next month, but tease yourself with the possibilities above.