The NFL instituted a rookie wage cap a few years ago which made it easier for franchises to sign their draft picks without having to overpay for a player that may turn out to be a bust or simply not playing up to the value of their contract. With that said, some teams are still willing to push it to the brink, taking huge gambles on their prospect. One such case is the Dallas Cowboys and newly drafted rookie running back Ezekiel Elliot.

A highly touted back coming out of Ohio State, Elliot was picked 4th overall by the Cowboys in this year’s draft and his contract with the team makes him the 9th highest paid running back in the NFL, a heavy gamble for a player that has yet to play down in the league. Elliot is expected to earn $24,965,720 over his 4-year deal, with $16,347,885 of it guaranteed according to Forbes.

To further put this into perspective, Elliot’s deal is more than the amount that the Cowboys offered DeMarco Murray when he hit the free agent market in 2015. Murray came of a season that saw him rush for a league leading 1,845 yards and carry the ball 392 times, the 8th most ever for a running back. Elliot’s current deal will earn him an average of $6,241,430 per season, which is similar to the amount that Murray will earn this year with his new team, the Tennessee Titans.

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