Over the last couple of weeks, a couple of huge, event albums have been released by Beyonce and Drake, both of whom released studio albums for the first time since 2013. We’ve already seen the far-reaching influence Beyonce’s album has had, drawing comments from Monica Lewinsky to a slew of high profile entertainers, and Drake’s Views is experiencing similar engagement, namely from NBA reporters.

Kevin Durant, who we know Drake is a fan of–Drizzy actually got in trouble with the NBA a couple summers ago for publicly lobbying for KD to join Toronto when his OKC contract is up–is currently burying his head in film and repetition, trying to have a better performance in Game 2 of the Thunder’s Conference Semifinal series with the Spurs. However, during a brief presser this morning, he fielded a question from a reporter about being name-dropped by Drake on “Weston Road Flows,” a Views standout that deftly samples Mary J. Blige. KD’s mood instantly lightens, and he humbly declares that being mentioned by your favorite rapper on wax is an indication that you’ve made it.

Right, KD, because you were unsure as to whether or not you’d made it before you heard Views. Riiiight.