Kobe Bryant‘s final game in the NBA tugged at the heartstrings of millions across the globe. His specular 60-point showing was the perfect period to his luminous career. So of course someone tried to capitalize off of the momentous night. This is America after all.

An eBay-er took to the online auction site to sell air, he allegedly procured in the Staples Center during Kobe’s last hoorah. The bag was seemingly nothing more than an empty zip-lock bag with a piece of tape saying “Air from Kobe’s final game” on it. Bidding began at $1.00 and 85 bids later reached as much as $13.6 thousand. eBay has since removed the item from their website.



This isn’t the first time someone ran this gambit, as air from Kanye West’s Yeezus tour started at $5 thousand and soon rose to $60 thousand soon after. Oh, America.