Odell Beckham is Throwing Dance Parties in Drake’s Backyard

Last week, we found out via Odell Beckham Jr.‘s DraftKings.com interview with Ronda Rousey that the Pro Bowl NY Giants receiver had moved into his BFF Drake‘s house. Why, exactly? We’re not sure, but the rapper and wide receiver have been hanging out an awful lot lately, and according to official clips from NFL Twitter accounts, Odell is holding full-blown workouts at Drizzy’s place.

You know what else he’s hosting? Dance parties.

In the above clip, watch OBJ13 make a dramatic, somersault entrance in the middle of a dance cypher likely organized by him, as he and his friends go absolutely nuts to Young Thug‘s “With Them.” On one hand, Drake has been busy at work finishing his hotly anticipated Views From The 6 album, and on the other hand, Odell Beckham is holding auditions for America’s Got Talent out back.

You gotta love it.