Ciara Skips Over Future’s Name During ‘Billboard’ Nominees Announcement

The tension between Ciara and her ex-fianceé Future has reached an all-time high, resulting in Ciara filing a lawsuit this past February for $15 million after he allegedly slandered her on social media. The two still have a son from their relationship, Baby Future, who is now infamously under the watchful eye of Ciara’s new fianceé, Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, which has only contributed to their cold war of sorts.

Ciara will be hosting next month’s Billboard Awards with her good friend and past collaborator, Ludacris, and this morning they took the stage at Good Morning America to announce some of the nominees, including those from the Best Rap Artist category. Future was one of the nominees, but as Ciara read the list of rappers up for the award, from Fetty Wap to Drake, she notably went mum when it was time to say Future’s name, leaving Ludacris to step in and say “Future” so Ciara could continue.

Is there a petty category?