If the Golden State Warriors can topple the Chicago Bulls 72-10 regular season record the Michael Jordan-led Bulls set 20 years ago, the Warriors could be up for discussion as one of the most dominant professional teams to ever play in any of the four major pro leagues.

Of course, the comparison won’t be complete without a championship, but the impact the Warrior’s basketball philosophy of playing small, while spreading teams out shooting from the perimeter has turned them from not just a dominant sports team, but also to a part of pop culture.

So far, the Warriors currently sit at 68-7. But according to their star forward Draymond Green, he believes the Warriors have only four legitimate losses.

Via MSN.com

“I remember every loss like the back of my hand,” Draymond Green said on KNBR 680 on Thursday evening.

The losses:

1) Saturday, Dec. 12 at Milwaukee, 108-95
2) Wednesday, Dec. 30 at Dallas, 114-91
3) Wednesday, Jan. 13 at Denver, 112-110
4) Saturday, Jan. 16 at Detroit, 113-95
5) Friday, Feb. 19 at Portland, 137-105
6) Sunday, March 6 at Lakers, 112-95
7) Saturday, March 19 at San Antonio, 87-79

“With Detroit, they had all the extra motivation and stuff with Ben Wallace’s jersey being retired, and obviously we were coming in there, that’s always motivation,” Draymond explained. “They beat us. The Lakers beat us.

“There’s still question marks about Milwaukee, I didn’t play in Denver, Steph didn’t play in Dallas … Portland beat us. When I look at our seven losses, I look at ’em and say ‘Ah, three teams really beat us’ … there’s a little asterisks by Dallas, by Denver (laughing), with Milwaukee when we were coming off a triple overtime and getting in at four o’clock in the morning. There’s a little asterisks by those.”

To some, they would call Green’s comments arrogance on his end. But, there’s a good chance Green will just call it confidence in his teams abilities at full strength.