Golden State Warrior Andre Iguodala may be known as one of the best swingmen in the league, but he put on his prankster hat to show he’s the king of pranks as well.

In a joint effort with Lyft, Iguodala pulled off an epic prank to convince teammate Festus Ezeli that he was getting cut from the team and captured it all on video.

In the video that hit the net yesterday [Thursday, March 31], you see an unsuspecting Ezeli jumping into a Lyft car and the driver decides to turn on what appears to be a fake sports radio talk show where the hosts were discussing Ezeli. “Two sources close to the Warriors say backup center Festus Ezeli will be released,” one of the fake hosts says. Understandably shocked, Ezeli looks at his phone when he begins to receive text messages from his fellow Warrior team mates, offering condolences for the cut.


Quickly the car approaches the destination and Ezeli is met by Iguodala holding a cake and balloons, hardly containing laughter as he yells,”April Fools!”

Ezeli seems to appreciate the joke, taking to Twitter and posting the laughing emoji.